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Authentication Tab (Account Template)

This tab lets you specify the authentication settings that accounts based on this template can use.

This tab contains the following fields:

Clear Incorrect Passcodes

Clears the count of the number of times the user has entered an incorrect passcode.

Clear cached copy of of Windows credentials

Removes the windows password of the user from the RSA server cache.

If Windows password integration enabled in the RSA, the RSA server caches the Windows password of each user in the security domain. When a user logs in, they are only required to enter their RSA passcode.

When you select the check box and click OK, the connector removes the user's Windows credentials from the cache. The next time the user logs in, the user is prompted for their Windows password in addition to their RSA passcode.

This check box does not show the status of the cache, or whether the check box has been set on a prior transaction.

Note: You cannot select this field when you create an account.

Default Shell

Specifies the default shell the user logs in to when they access a UNIX computer.

Remote Alias

Defines an alias that allows users to authenticate with their RSA SecurID token using a user id other than their own.

Assign next available token

Replaces the token with the next available token.

RADIUS Profile

Specifies the RADIUS profile you want accounts based on this template assigned to.