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Account Tab (Account Template)

This tab lets you specify the login and status information applied to the endpoint account based on this template.

This tab contains the following fields which are not self-explanatory.

Login Id

Defines the login ID.

Local and trusted users are distinguished by appending a suffix to the associated RSA user ID and using a delimiter "%". Remote users have special LDAP names with the following format:

Remote_username <delimiter> Realm_name

Security Domain

Defines the security domain where the administrator has scope to manage the user.

Identity Source

Defines the identity source that accounts based on the template are assigned.

Force Password Change

Specifies that the user must change their password when they next logon.


Specifies that the users account is suspended and that the user cannot authenticate.

Start Date

Specifies the date the account becomes active

Expiration Date

Specifies the date the account expires.