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Provisioning Roles Tab

Use this tab to view, add, or remove provisioning roles for the selected user and view that user’s member and administrator privileges.

Note: The fields that appear on the Provisioning Roles tab are configurable. Some of the fields described may not appear, based on the tab configuration. For example, when this tab is showing Membership Indirect, it shows only the roles that this role is included in or that this role includes.


Users who have the provisioning role and receive the accounts associated with that role.


Users who can add or remove other users as members or administrators.

Add a Provisioning Role

Opens a new screen where you can search for one or more provisioning roles to add to the selected user.

Copy from a User

Opens a new screen that allows you to search for a user who has the roles that the selected user should also have. For example, when you assign provisioning roles to a new employee, you can search for an employee with the same job title to see which provisioning roles the new user needs.