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Account Templates Tab

This tab lets you add or remove account templates, and view the account templates associated with this role.

Account templates define the characteristics of a specific account, such as the mailbox size for an Exchange account.


Displays the template as defined in the Provisioning Server. The account templates that you can choose are based on the account templates specified in the Endpoint Type drop-down list.

Endpoint Type

Displays the type of endpoint, such as an LDAP directory.


Displays the endpoint for the managed system to use.

When you are creating or modifying a provisioning role, these buttons are on this tab:

Add Account Template

Adds an account template to the provisioning role.

Copy Account Templates from another role

Adds templates from another provisioning role to the one that you are creating or modifying. If that role requires a subset of the original templates, delete the unneeded templates after adding them to the current role.