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Profile Tabs and Profile Screens

For most tasks, you include a Profile tab, which shows you the attributes for the primary object of the task. The primary object is the object to be created, viewed, or modified by the task. For example, in the Modify User task, the primary object is a user. The Profile tab includes user attributes, such as User ID and Last Name.

When you configure a profile tab, you define basic characteristics of that tab and you specify a profile screen. The profile screen is the user-visible part of the tab. It controls which attributes of the primary object appear on the tab and their display properties.

Note: You can use the same profile screen on the Profile tab of several tasks.

When you design a Profile screen, you select the fields that apply to that screen. The fields may correspond to profile attributes. For example, the value entered in the User ID field of the Create User task is stored in a user profile attribute.

Screen showing fields required to modify an admin user tasks and other related tabs

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