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Depending on the policy type selected on the profile tab, you can configure activation times to establish when the policy is evaluated. For example, a policy of type Event can be set for evaluation Before a CreateUserEvent. A policy of type Task can be set for evaluation at Set Subject for DisableUserEvent.

To configure an activation time, select the following fields:


Specifies the time frame or action related to the event that activates the policy. For example, a policy can be set to run "Before" an event occurs.

Event Name

Specifies the event that activates the policy, such as a CreateUserEvent.

A policy can have more than one activation time. Every time a specified activation time (a state and an event) occurs in the system, Policy Xpress searches for all policies with that activation time, and evaluates each policy based on its order.

Note: If a policy matches an activation time that occurs in the system, it does not mean that the policy is automatically run. Rules criteria evaluated later in the process determine if the policy is completed.