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Optional Participant Resolver Filter Attributes

The following are optional participant resolver filter attributes.


USER or GROUP (not case-sensitive)

The default is USER.


A unique name for an approver's organization. (Organization name strings must match CA IdentityMinder organization name strings.)

The default is root.


The approver's organization or sub-organizations:

The default is 1.


The number of search filter that you are using. If you have two filters, then this number would be 2.

The default is 1.

Note: This filter is required if the number of filters is greater than one.


You can combine search filters using OR or AND conjunction types.

Note: Filters separated by the OR conjunction take precedence over those separated by AND.

For example, you can specify the AND conjunction type if you are searching for "title equals manager" AND "department equals development."

Note: n is a positive integer greater than 1 indicating the search filter number.