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Online Requests

CA IdentityMinder lets you create general purpose online request tasks. The default online request implementation is comprised of a set of related tasks for both self-modification requests and administrative user modification requests. However, the online request feature could easily be implemented for other CA IdentityMinder request tasks.

A user modification request triggers a workflow process which generates a work item. Workflow participants can either approve and implement the work item, or reject it. The user initiating the task enters a description of the request in the history editor, a text area which CA IdentityMinder uses to maintain a history of the request. This history editor can be configured to allow participants to leave comments about the action they perform on the work item. These comments become part of the cumulative work item history.

New actions in addition to (or in place of) the standard approve and reject actions are also possible. For example, a business participant can clarify or comment on the request, and a technical participant can implement the request. These new activities can be represented by new workflow action buttons like “Clarify” and “Implement” which you can add to the standard “Approve” and “Reject” buttons on the approval task.