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Modify the Parser File for the Bulk Loader

To modify the parser used to parse feeder files, configure the corresponding admin task.

To modify the Bulk Loader admin task

  1. Click Roles and Tasks, Admin Tasks, Modify Admin Task.
  2. Search for the Bulk Loader task.
  3. Select the Bulk Loader task, and click Select.
  4. Select the Search tab for the Bulk Loader task.
  5. Click Browse to locate search screens.

    The list of available search screens is displayed.

  6. Select a Search screen and click Edit.

    The Search screen details appear.

  7. (Optional) Edit the Parser Fully Qualified Name.

    The Parser Fully Qualified Name must match the name of your parser file.

    Note: For more information about creating a custom CSV parser, see the Javadoc for the FeederParser class. If you use JBoss as your application server and you create a custom parser, the custom parser file must be in the iam_im.ear/user_console_war/WEB-INF/classes directory.

  8. Click OK.