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Map a Process to an Event Globally

You map a workflow process to an event globally so the workflow process executes when the event is generated by any task in the environment.

Note: Although the following procedure works, the Global Event Level Policy-Based procedure is the now recommended method of mapping a process to an event.

To map a non-policy based workflow process to an event globally

  1. Open the Management Console by entering the following URL in a browser:

    Defines the fully qualified domain name of the server where CA IdentityMinder is installed. For example,

  2. Click Environments, and select the name of the appropriate CA IdentityMinder environment.
  3. Click Advanced Settings, and then click Workflow.
  4. Do the following to map an event to a workflow process:
    1. Select an event from the Event list box.
    2. Select a workflow process from the Approve Process list box.
    3. Click Add.
  5. After you finish mapping events to workflow processes, click Save.
  6. Restart the CA IdentityMinder environment for changes to take effect.

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