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Manage an Identity Policy Set

CA IdentityMinder includes the following tasks for managing an identity policy set:

By default, when an administrator uses one of these tasks, CA IdentityMinder displays a list of all identity policy sets for which that administrator is an owner. The administrator can then choose the policy set he needs from the list.

In a CA IdentityMinder environment that includes many identity policy sets, you may want to customize the View, Modify, and Delete Identity Policy Set tasks to allow administrators to search for an identity policy set, instead of displaying them in a list.

To customize these tasks:

  1. In the User Console, select Roles and Tasks, Admin Roles, Modify Admin Task.

    The Modify Admin Task screen opens.

  2. Search for and select the task that you want to customize.
  3. On the Scope tab, select All Identity Policy Sets.

    When you select this option, CA IdentityMinder uses the Default Identity Policy Set Search screen definition.

  4. Click Submit.