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How to Modify Objects Using Feeder Files

You can use the Bulk Loader tab to upload feeder files that are used to manipulate large numbers of managed objects simultaneously. For example, you can create 1000 users in the system manually, or you can use the Bulk Loader. The Bulk Loader task can also be mapped to a workflow process.

The Bulk Load Client is a command line utility that exists for batch processing. We recommend using the Bulk Load Client if your environment is in a cluster (for load-balancing purposes). The Bulk Load Client can be found on the Provisioning Components media.

Follow these steps:

  1. Review the Bulk Loader considerations.
  2. Create a CSV or XLS feeder file and upload it.
  3. Configure the Loader Records Details.

    This tab allows you to specify the action and identifier fields in the feeder file.

  4. Provide the Loader Actions Mapping.

    This tab allows you to select the primary object and specify what task to execute for the action on an object.

  5. Provide the Loader Notification Details.

    This tab allows you to select users to certify Bulk Loader task changes.

  6. Acknowledge and modify the progress of the Bulk Loader task changes.