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Logical Attribute Handlers

CA IdentityMinder logical attributes allow you to display user store attributes (called physical attributes) in a user-friendly format on task screens. CA IdentityMinder administrators use task screens to perform functions in CA IdentityMinder. Logical attributes do not exist in a user store. Typically, they represent one or more physical attributes to simplify presentation. For example, the logical attribute date may represent the physical attributes month, day, and year.

Logical attributes are processed by logical attribute handlers, which are Java objects that are written using the Logical Attribute API. (See the Programming Guide for Java.) For example, when a task screen is displayed, a logical attribute handler might convert physical attribute data from the user store into logical attribute data, which is displayed on the task screen. You can use pre-defined logical attributes and logical attribute handlers included with CA IdentityMinder, or create new ones using the Logical Attribute API.

Note: For more information on logical attributes, see the Programming Guide for Java.

In the User Console, the Environment category contains tasks for managing logical attribute handlers. The list includes pre-defined handlers shipped with CA IdentityMinder and any custom handlers defined at your site.

From the Environment task category, you can do the following:

Note: To change the order of execution for logical attribute handlers, use the Management Console.