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Self-Service Tasks

Self-service tasks are actions that users can take, typically through the User Console, to manage their own profiles. User accounts are configured by default to grant the user access to certain self-service tasks, such as changing their password and profile information. A system administrator with appropriate privileges can modify which self-service tasks are granted to a user by default.

Self-service tasks are divided into two types:

The following table lists the default self-service tasks.

Task Type


Public Task

  • Self-registration--Allows users to register at a corporate Web site
  • Forgotten Password Reset--Allows users to reset a forgotten password
  • Forgotten Password--Displays a temporary password that users can use to login to CA IdentityMinder. When the users log in, they are prompted to enter a new password
  • Forgotten User ID--Retrieves or resets a forgotten user ID

Protected Task


  • Request & View Access--Allows users to request access to, and remove, services.
  • Change My Password--Allows users to reset their password
  • Modify My Profile--Maintains profile information, such as address and phone number
  • Modify My Groups--Enables users to subscribe to groups
  • View My Roles--Displays a user’s roles
  • View My Submitted Tasks--Displays CA IdentityMinder tasks that the user initiated