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Add Help Text to Profile Screens

You can add text anywhere in a profile screen to provide additional information, such as online help text for a field, to users.

To add help text to a profile screen

  1. Modify the profile screen.
  2. Select the field below the row where you want to add the online help text and click the Add button to add one row with one field above the row you selected.

    CA IdentityMinder adds a new field above the field you selected.

  3. Click the edit icon to edit the new field.

    The Field Properties dialog opens.

  4. Select the (Separator) attribute in the Attribute Name field.
  5. Select HTML in the Style field.

    The HTML field appears.

  6. Enter the text that you want to appear in HTML tags, for example:

    <h1>Add your online help text here</h1>

  7. Click OK.

Note: To display custom HTML in a different language, specify a resource key with the following format in the custom HTML field:


Identifies the resource bundle that includes the text string mapping for the key ID.


Identifies the key ID that maps to the text string to display. The mapping must exist in a resource bundle.

For example, the HTML for a localized field should resemble the following:


For more information about resource bundles, see the User Console Design Guide.