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Account Tab (Account Template)

This tab lets you specify general information about an account template.

This tab contains the following fields:


Mandatory: Yes

Default value: %AC%

Limit: 64 characters


(Write only) Defines the user password for the Google Apps endpoint.

Passwords can contain any combination of characters.

Mandatory: Yes

Password length: The minimum and maximum lengths of passwords are defined in the Google Apps domain settings.

Note: For more information, see the Google Apps Admin Help.

Encrypted: Yes

Default Value: %P%

First Name

Mandatory: Yes

Default value: %UF%

Last Name

Mandatory: Yes

Default value: %UL%


Defines additional user email addresses on the Google Apps domain.

Legal characters: A-Z a-z 0-9 - _ . '

Restricted characters: The first character cannot be a period.

Limit: 30 nicknames per user.


Specifies that the account is suspended on the Google Apps endpoint.

Default: False


Specifies that the user is granted administrator privileges, can manage all accounts and groups in the domain, and change domain configuration.

Default: False