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Add or Remove Fields

The default profile screens include all attributes for the object in the order used in the directory configuration (directory.xml). You can add or remove fields, or rearrange the order of fields by using the controls at the bottom of the list of attributes in the profile screen definition.

Screen showing the controls for moving fields in a Profile screen

To add, remove, or rearrange fields

  1. Modify a profile screen.
  2. Select the fields that you want to modify, then select the action to perform.

    Note: When you edit the field properties on the profile screen, you may find it easier to manipulate rows of multiple fields as follows:

    1. Click Split Each Checked Row into Separate Rows to place the fields on separate rows.
    2. Manipulate the fields on separate rows.
    3. Click Combine Adjacent Checked Rows into One to return the fields to a single row.
  3. If you select an action that requires a value, select a value as needed.

    For example, if you want to move selected rows up by three rows, select 3 from the list box in Move Checked Rows Up by 1 Row.

  4. Click Preview to view the changes you made.

    CA IdentityMinder opens a new window and displays the changes you made.

  5. Click OK, then click Select to return to the Modify Admin Task task.