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Find and Notify the Participants

When a workflow activity associated with a CA IdentityMinder approval task begins, the workflow server passes information about activity participants to CA IdentityMinder. This information is defined in the activity properties. CA IdentityMinder uses this information to retrieve activity participants and alert them that an approval task is pending.

After identifying the participants, CA IdentityMinder adds a new work item (the approval task) to each participant’s work list. Optionally, CA IdentityMinder also sends an email notification about the new work item to each participant.

Note: If the APPROVERS_REQUIRED activity property is set to false and no participants are found, the task is considered approved by default.

Note: A circle in the Status column indicates that the approval task is available for any participant to claim. A check mark indicates that the work list owner has accepted the approval task but has not yet completed it.