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Loader Records Details Tab

The Loader Records Details tab displays a short preview of the records available in your feeder file. The preview table displays a maximum of 5 records. The preview table is to help users identify if they are uploading the correct file. Also, this tab allows you to identify the action you want to perform on the managed objects specified in your feeder file. You must complete the following fields:

What field represents the action to perform on the object?

Identifies the fields from the feeder file that mention the action you want to perform on the managed objects. For example, you can use a feeder file with a field 'action' that takes the values Create, Modify, and Delete. You must map each of these actions to an admin task in Loader Actions Mapping.

What field will be used to uniquely identify the object?

Identifies the field from the feeder file that can uniquely identify the primary object.

Note: If the feeder file has an invalid header line, the feeder file records will not be displayed in the Loader Records Details tab. Select another feeder file in the case of invalid header lines. If the feeder file contains some invalid records, the detailed status of the upload will be in View Submitted Tasks under the System tab.