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Loader Actions Mapping Tab

The Loader Actions Mapping tab allows you to select a primary object on which the actions specified in the feeder file will be performed. You must also map the actions from the feeder file to admin tasks for the selected primary object.

What is the Primary Object?

Identifies the primary object to be manipulated by CA IdentityMinder using the feeder file. You can select any one of the following primary objects:

Select a task to execute for 'action'

Identifies the admin tasks to be performed for each action specified by the feeder file, such as the Delete or Modify tasks.

Note: You have to map all the actions in the feeder file to an admin task. Also, the admin tasks displayed in this field are dependent on the primary object selected. For example, if you select 'User' as the primary object, only the admin tasks related to 'User' are displayed.

Select a task for non-existing object for 'action'

Identifies the alternate admin tasks to be performed for an action specified in the feeder file in the event that the managed object does not yet exist within CA IdentityMinder, such as the Create task.