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Email Notification Profile Tab

The Profile tab in email management tasks allows you to specify basic information about an email notification policy. This tab includes the following fields that:

Email Name

Identifies the email notification policy in the User Console.

Note: The email name is not displayed when the email is sent. The name is only used to manage the email notification policy in the User Console.


Groups email notification policies to simplify management.

Specify an existing category by selecting it from the drop-down list, or select the second option button and enter the name of a new category.


Describes the email notification policy to administrators.

The description is not displayed when the email is sent.


Specifies that CA IdentityMinder will send the email when the conditions defined on the When to Send tab are met.

Custom Data

Creates a custom data element in Policy Xpress that can be used to configure custom recipients or custom content.

Custom data elements can also be used as parameters in other data elements.

Note: Data provides more information about data elements.

When you click Custom Data, CA IdentityMinder opens a screen where you can add new data elements.

Entry Rules

Defines rules for when CA IdentityMinder sends email notifications in cases where the default rules in the When to Send tab are not granular enough.

For example, the When to Send tab provides a default rule that sends email when any attribute of a user profile is modified. If you want CA IdentityMinder to send an email only when a user's department changes, you can create a custom entry rule. (In this case, you create a custom data element that identifies when the department changes, and then you create an entry rule that uses the custom data element you created.)

Note: The section Entry Rules provides more information.

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