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Dynamic Resolver

This resolver returns a list of users according to a dynamic rule resolved at run-time. Use the following selection to set dynamic rule constraints:


Specifies the type of user to approve this task.

Note: This only shows those objects that can contain users (or approvers).

User or Object

Specifies the user or object where the approvers can be found.

User Associated with this account

Updates the User or Object Attributes field to list CA IdentityMinder user attributes instead of endpoint account attributes. The resolver works off attributes at the CA IdentityMinder user level. This checkbox applies when you select an endpoint account object, such as an Active Directory account.


Specifies the attribute that contains the approvers.

Note: The Attribute list is sorted in alphabetical order and contains a list of unique display names. Extended attributes are excluded from the list.

Event Object Type

Specifies the type of object from the event.

Note: This appears only if "Object associated with the event" is selected.

Note: Dynamic Resolver with Create Group requires existence of the object. Group membership/administrators information can be used with dynamic/match attribute resolvers for existing groups only.

The resolver has been enhanced to add the previous approver to the supported object list. If the physical attribute hosting manager information is selected, the configuration routes an approval to a manager.

To configure the resolver for Manager Approval Resolver:

Adding previous approver to the supported object list of the resolver lets usage of the dynamic resolver with escalation approval process. Since the modification is done solely for usage with the escalation approval process, there is no singling out of the person who actually did the approval. The entire population of Users, identified as approvers for the previous work item of the current job are inspected for requested information (manager UID, and so forth.). All individuals identified by this inspection are the approvers for the current work item (escalation).