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Determine How Users Retrieve a Forgotten User ID

Once CA IdentityMinder successfully verifies a user’s identity, it displays the user’s ID on the screen.

For additional security, you can configure CA IdentityMinder to email the user’s ID.

To configure CA IdentityMinder to email a user ID

  1. Configure the CA IdentityMinder environment to support email notifications.
  2. Choose Roles and Tasks, Admin Tasks, Modify Admin Task.
  3. Select the Forgotten User ID task.
  4. On the Profile tab, click Business Logic Task Handlers.

    The Business Logic Task Handlers screen opens.

  5. Click the Delete icon next to the BLTHDisplayUserID handler to delete it.

    Deleting the BLTHDisplayUserID handler prevents CA IdentityMinder from displaying the user ID in the User Console. If you want CA IdentityMinder to display the user ID in the User Console and email the user ID, do not delete the BLTHDisplayUserID handler.