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Task Status Description

A submitted task exists in one of the states described below. Based on the state of the task, you can perform actions such as cancelling or resubmitting a task.

Note: To cancel or resubmit a task, you must configure View Submitted Tasks to display the cancel and resubmit buttons based on the tasks status. For more information on cancelling and resubmitting tasks, see Customize the View Submitted Tasks Tab.

In progress

Displayed when any of the following occurs:

You can cancel a task in this state.

Note: Cancelling a task will cancel all the incomplete nested tasks and events for the current task.


Displayed when you cancel any of the tasks or events in progress.


Displayed when CA IdentityMinder rejects an event or task that is part of a workflow process. You can resubmit a rejected task.

Note: When you resubmit a task, CA IdentityMinder will resubmit all the failed or rejected nested tasks and events.

Partially Completed

Displayed when you cancel some of the events or nested tasks. You can resubmit a partially completed event or nested task.


Displayed when a task is completed. A task is completed when the nested tasks and nested events of the current task are completed.


Displayed when a task, nested task, or event nested in the current task are invalid. This status is displayed when the task fails. You can resubmit a failed task.


Displayed when the task is scheduled to execute at a later date. You can cancel a task in this state.


Displayed when the current task is audited.