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Delegating Work Items

Work item delegation lets a user (the delegator) specify that another user (the delegate) is allowed to approve tasks in the delegator's work list. A delegator can assign work items to another approver during periods when the delegator is “out of the office.” Delegators retain full access to their work items during the delegation period.

Delegated work items are not changed in any way. Logging indicates whether a work item was delegated.

Delegation works by allowing the delegate to “impersonate” the delegator and view the items on the delegator's work list. When viewing a work list, delegates see their own work items as well as the delegator's work items.

Delegation is not transitive. A delegate can only see work items that the delegator has assigned directly. For example, If user A delegates work items to user B, and user B delegates work items to user C, user C can only see work items belonging to user B, and not any work items that may have been work items delegated to user B by user A.

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