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Add Screen-Defined Logical Attributes

Any field on a profile task can be defined as a screen-defined logical attribute. You can use these screen-defined logical attributes to manipulate objects locally within the scope of that profile screen or modify physical attributes in the object store. For example, you can use screen-defined logical attributes to capture a note or a warning on a profile screen, or process a user-supplied value before storing it in the physical attribute.

To define fields as Screen-Defined Logical Attributes

  1. Modify Profile Screen to add or modify fields to use screen-defined logical attribute.
  2. Create or update field properties with the screen-defined logical attribute-specific values:
    Attribute Name

    Select (Screen Logical Attributes) in the Attribute Name field.

    |Attribute Name|

    Identifies the attribute name for the field. This can be any name you choose.


    Specifies that the screen-defined logical attribute is multi-valued.

    Note: By default, this option is unchecked. If this field is unchecked, then the attribute is only single-valued.


    Enter the display name for the screen-defined logical attribute name.

    Note: If the screen-defined logical attribute has the same name as a Logical Attribute Handler, the screen defined logical attribute will override the Logical Attribute Handler.

  3. Complete all the necessary field properties.