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Define the Task Scope

On the Search tab, you define the task scope, which limits the objects available to the task. For example, if the object of a task is users, you might define the scope as users who are contractors.

Note: If the task has no primary object, or if the action is self-modify, self-view, or approve, the Search tab does not appear.

You configure the following settings on the Search tab:

Search Screen

The search screen limits the scope of the task based on filters. Click Browse to see available search screen options.

Note: You may want to create your own search screen. To create a modified version of an existing search screen, select the search screen and click Copy. You can then modify the search screen without changing the original search screen definition. To create a search screen, click New.

Search Options

The search options appear only when the object is a role or group.

Note the following:

Modified objects must remain in administrator’s scope

When this check box is selected, CA IdentityMinder displays an error if changes to the task cause the administrator to lose scope over the primary object. For example, an administrator may use Modify User to change a user's Employee Type attribute to Manager. This change may put the user outside the administrator’s scope.