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Endpoint Tab

This tab lets you view and modify endpoint properties.

This tab contains the following fields that are not self-explanatory:

Endpoint Name

Defines the name of the CA DLP endpoint.

Mandatory: Yes

Default: \\DLPCMS\

DLP CMS Hostname

Defines the host name for the CMS (Central Management Server).

Mandatory: Yes

Restricted characters: /

DLP User Name

Defines the name of the account used to connect to the CMS to perform provisioning operations.

Note: For more information on the privileges required to manage a CA DLP endpoint with the CA DLP Connector, see Least Privilege Considerations.

Mandatory: Yes

Restricted characters: /

DLP User Password

Defines the password of the user that you specified in the DLP User Name field.

Mandatory: Yes


Defines the name of the domain to which the CA DLP endpoint connects.

Note:The domain is automatically prefixed to the User Name to construct the CA DLP account user name. Only user names prefixed with this domain will be discovered by an explore and correlate of the endpoint.

Mandatory: Yes

Default Account Template

Defines the default account template used to provision new CA DLP endpoint accounts.