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Account Tab (Account Template)

This tab lets you view and modify properties for an account template on a CA DLP endpoint.

This tab contains the following fields:

User Name

Defines the user name for endpoint.

Mandatory: Yes

Limit: 129 characters. When you create the account, the DLP Connector prefixes the Windows domain name you defined when you created the CA DLP endpoint to the user name. For example, mydomain\username.

The character limit includes:

Note: If the character limit is exceeded, CA DLP truncates the field to 129 characters.

Restricted characters: /

Note: You cannot edit the user name for a CA DLP account after it has been created.

Default: %AC%


(Write-only) Defines the password of the user that you specified in the User Name field.

Passwords can contain any combination of characters.

Mandatory: No

Limit: 255 characters

Encrypted: Yes

Default: %P%

Full Name

Defines first name, middle name, and last name of the user account.

Limit: 255 characters

Note: If the character limit is exceeded, CA DLP truncates the field to 255 characters.

Default: %UN%


Defines the group to which the user belongs. You can specify multiple (nested) groups for the user. Specifying multiple groups defines the category of the user in the group hierarchy tree.

The list can include the company, country, and department of the user. For example, mycompany/USA/Finance specifies that the user belongs to the Finance group, which is part of the USA group. The USA group is part of the mycompany group.

Format: <component1>/< group path component2>

Limit: 64 characters per group path component

Separator: / (Forward slash). Separates items in the group path, for example, group1/group2/group3.

Valid characters: Group names can contain \ (back slash) characters, for example, my\group.

Restricted characters: / (Forward slash) is prohibited in category names because it separates categories, for example, my/group is a prohibited category name.

Mandatory: Yes


User Category

Specifies the role of the user.

The options available in this field match the default user categories in CA DLP.

Note: For more information on customizing the User Category field, see the topic How to Create Custom User Categories in the CA IdentityMinder Connectors Guide.

Default: User


Defines a multivalued email address.

Limit: 255 characters per address

Default: %UE% %UEP% %UES%

Account Container

Defines the container for the user account.

Mandatory: Yes

Default: eTDYNAccountContainerName=DLP Accounts