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Custom Participant Resolvers

The custom participant resolver is a Java object that determines workflow activity participants and returns a list to CA IdentityMinder, which then passes the list to the workflow engine. Typically, you write a custom participant resolver only if the standard participant policies cannot provide the list of participants that an activity requires.

Note: You create a custom participant resolver using the Participant Resolver API. For information, see the Programming Guide for Java.

To configure a custom participant resolver

  1. Open the Management Console by entering the following URL in a browser:

    Defines the fully qualified domain name of the server where CA IdentityMinder is installed. For example,

  2. Click Environments, and select the name of the appropriate CA IdentityMinder environment.
  3. Click Advanced Settings, Workflow Participant Resolver.
  4. On the WorkFlow Participant Resolver screen, click New and enter:

    Specifies the custom participant resolver name, for example, GroupFinder.


    Specifies a description of the custom participant resolver.


    Specifies the Java class name, for example, com.netegrity.samples.GroupFinder

  5. Click Save.
  6. Start WorkPoint Designer.
  7. Click File, Open, Process.
  8. Select a workflow process and click Open.
  9. Right click the activity node in the process, and select Properties.
  10. Select Text from the Type drop-down menu.
  11. Enter the following in the User Data tab:



    Specifies a unique name for the custom resolver. This must match the name you entered on the Custom Type Participant Resolver screen in the Management Console, for example, GroupFinder.

  12. Click Add.

    Note: The default approval setting is APPROVERS_REQUIRED=NO. In this case, an activity is approved automatically if no participants are found.

    If APPROVERS_REQUIRED=YES and CA IdentityMinder finds no participants, the activity is not successfully completed.

  13. Click OK to save your changes.