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How to Create a Custom Admin Task

An admin task is an administrative function that a user can perform in CA IdentityMinder. Examples of admin tasks include Create User, Modify Group, and View Role Membership.

CA IdentityMinder includes default admin tasks that you can modify to suit your business needs.

When you create a custom admin task, you complete the following steps:

Note: The section Active Directory Prerequisites includes additional considerations if CA IdentityMinder is managing an Active Directory user store.

  1. In the CA IdentityMinder User Console, select Roles and Tasks, Admin Tasks, Create Admin Task.

    CA IdentityMinder asks if you want to create a new task or create a task based on an existing task.

    For example, select the Modify User task as the basis of the new task.

  2. Select Create a Copy of an Existing Task, and search for the task to copy.

    Note: We recommend modifying the copy of a default task, instead of modifying the default task directly.

  3. Once you select Ok, you see a screen with the following six tabs:



See this Topic


Define the profile of the task being created

Define the Profile of the Task


Limit the range of objects that are managed by the task

Define the Task Scope


Choose and design the tabs for the task

Choose Tabs for the Task


Show the fields used on all tabs

View Fields in the Task


Select a workflow process for each event if the CA IdentityMinder environment and the task uses workflow

Assign Workflow Processes for Events

Role Use

Displays the roles that include the task that you are modifying or viewing

View Role Use

Note: For more information about creating custom admin tasks, see the User Console Design Guide.