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Create a Provisioning Role

You create a provisioning role once you decide about the role requirements:

To create a provisioning role

  1. In the User Console, click Roles and Tasks, Provisioning Roles, Create Provisioning Role.

    For details on each tab, click the Help link on the screen.

  2. Complete the Profile tab. Only the Name field is required.

    Note: You can specify custom attributes on the Profile tab that specify additional information about provisioning roles. You can use this additional information to facilitate role searches in environments that include a significant number of roles.

  3. Complete the Account Templates tab.
    1. Click an Endpoint Type, such as an ActiveDirectory.
    2. Click an account template.

      The templates that you can click are based on Endpoint Type.

    3. Add more account templates as needed for different endpoint types.
  4. Complete the Provisioning Roles tab if you want to nest provisioning roles in this tab.

    This step requires that you have enabled nested roles for this environment.

  5. Complete the Administrators tab by adding admin rules that control who manages members and administrators of this role.
  6. Complete the Owners tab by adding owner rules that control who can modify this role.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. To verify that the role was created, click Provisioning Roles, View Provisioning Role.

More information:

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