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Database Connection

Configure the following fields to create or modify a connection.

Connection Name

Defines the connection name. The connection name must be unique.

Connection Type

Defines the type of connection. Connection Type is a collection of connections used for similar purposes. You can define multiple connections with different Connection Names under one Connection Type. For example, you can create a Connection Type 'Reports' and create connections 'Reports1', 'Reports2', 'Reports3' that connect to multiple databases.


Defines additional and optional information about the current connection.

JDBC Driver Class

Indicates the JDBC driver class CA IdentityMinder must use if you have selected JDBC as the protocol.

Database Name

Indicates the name of the database.

Host Name

Indicates the host name of the server that hosts the database.


Indicates the port number configured for the database on the server.

User ID

Indicates the User ID credentials you need to login to the database.


Indicates the password credentials for the User ID you specify.

JDBC Select Method

Indicates the method to select the JDBC select method.

Default Connection

Indicates that the current connection is the default connection used with CA IdentityMinder. Under a Connection Type you can have only one connection set to Default.


Specifies any additional attributes that are specific to the current connection.