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Configure Task-Level Validation

You configure task-level validation in the User Console, when defining field properties on a profile task screen.

To configure task-level validation

  1. On the profile screen, select the field to be validated and click Field properties.

    You define a Profile screen as part of defining tabs for the task.

  2. Specify a value in one of the following fields, depending on how the validation rule is to be implemented:
  3. (Optional) Enable Validate On Change, so that the field validation occurs as soon as it is changed.
  4. (Optional) For a user, group, or organization, you can use a Validate button on the profile tab. The Validate button is hidden by default. To make this button visible, clear the Hide Validate button option when you configure the task's profile tab.

    If Validate On Change is enabled on a field and the value of that field changes, the Validate button updates other fields on the screen.

    Note: The Validate button also executes Logical Attribute Handlers that include the validate method. For more information about Logical Attribute Handlers, see the Programming Guide for Java.

Directory-Level Validation validates fields based on the content of the directory.xml file.

Note: For more information on Directory-Level Validation or understanding the default validation included with CA IdentityMinder, see the Configuration Guide.