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Configure the Enterprise Log Manager Viewer Tab

Configure the CA Enterprise Log Manager Viewer tab to include one or more of the following fields:


A name you assign to the tab.


An identifier for the tab that is unique within the task. It must start with a letter or underscore and contain, letters, numbers, or underscores only. The tag is mainly used for setting data values through XML documents or HTTP parameters.

Hide Tab

Prevents the tab from being visible in the task. This option is useful for applications that need to hide the tab, but still have access to attributes on the tab.

Enterprise Log Manager Query

Specifies that CA UAR queries are displayed.

Note: You can specify either CA Enterprise Log Manager Query or CA Enterprise Log Manager Report, but not both.

Enterprise Log Manager Report

Specifies that CA UAR reports are displayed.

Enterprise Log Manager id

Species the id for either the query or report.

Include Federated Data

Includes or excludes federated data in the results. By default, this field is unchecked.

Show Prompt

Specifies CA UAR prompt queries only. By default, this field is unchecked.


Specifies SQL-based advanced conditions that are used to narrow results returned by CA UAR queries or reports. Constant and dynamic values can be included. The following code is a sample expression:

((source_uid EQUAL ::logical.attribute.X:: ) AND (source_username EQUAL ::logical.attribute.Y:: ))

Supported operations include:

Support conjunctions include:

Parentheses are mandatory. If the value on the left side in condition expression does not have the "::" marker on both ends, the value is considered a constant and the value is sent to CA UAR as is.

Parameter/Value Table

Specifies the fields and values for scoping.

Only queries or reports matching tags and tags logic of scoping are selected.


Specifies the values for the Start, Stop, and Limit parameters. The following parameters are supported: