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Configure Enterprise Log Manager Connection

Use this screen to manage newly added CA User Activity Reporting (CA UAR) connection tasks.

Note: CA Enterprise Log Manager has been renamed. It is now called CA UAR.

The fields on this screen are listed below:

Connection Name

Specifies the unique name used for the single CA UAR connection managed object.

This is a read-only field.


Describes the CA UAR connection.

Host Name

Specifies the CA UAR server hostname or IP address.

This is a required field.

Port #

Specifies the CA UAR server connection port.

Default: 52520

This is a required field.

Certificate Authority Signed SSL Certificate

When checked, specifies a strict SSL certificate check when connecting to a CA UAR server.

If you have a self-signed SSL certificate, for example one installed with CA UAR by default, this check box must not be selected since the trusted path to the root certificate authority does not exist.

Certificate Name

Specifies the name of the CA UAR certificate to use for authentication.

This is a required field.

Certificate Password

Specifies the CA UAR password.

This is a required field.


Not supported. Version is retrieved on an attempt to save connection information as a test.