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Configure Approve Task Details

Use this tab to configure the Approve Task Details tab, which displays information about individual approval tasks in a work list.


A name you assign to the tab.


An identifier for the tab that is unique within the task. It must start with a letter or underscore and contain, letters, numbers, or underscores only. The tag is mainly used for setting data values through XML documents or HTTP parameters.

Hide Tab

Prevents the tab from being visible in the task. This option is useful for applications that need to hide the tab, but still have access to attributes on the tab.

Show audit events

Specifies if audited events are included in tasks in the View Submitted Tasks page.

Allow custom column

Indicates that you can append a custom column to the tasks table that you can view from the Approve Task Details tab.

Custom column heading

Indicates the display name of the custom column.

Custom column attribute

Indicates the attribute that will be used to populate the custom column in the tasks table. For example, if you are searching for tasks that are performed on employees of an organization, you can append an organization column that displays the organization for each of the employees.

Cancel Events

Identifies the criteria for canceling events. You can set the scope for this field by selecting one of the following options:

Task creator must be current user

Identifies that you can cancel events that you have created.

Task creator must be in scope

Identifies that you can cancel events that have been initiated by other users who match the user scope rules for the admin role that gives you access to the tab.

For example, you received the User Manager role, which includes the Approve Task Details tab, because you met the criteria in a membership rule that includes scope over all users in the Employee organization. You can cancel events that are submitted by all users in the Employee organization.

No restrictions

Identifies that any user can cancel an event.

Not allowed

Specifies that an event cannot be cancelled or resubmitted.