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Configure Admin Roles Tab

Configure this tab to determine which options appear for viewing, modifying, or adding admin roles.


A name you assign to the tab.


An identifier that is unique within the task. It can contain ASCII characters (a-z, A-Z), numbers (0-9), or underscore characters, beginning with a letter or underscore. The tag is used for setting data values through XML documents or HTTP parameters.

The check boxes function as follows:

Hide options

Controls if the tab appears and which columns appears on the tab.

Manage options

Controls whether the tab allows the user to manage role members or administrators or both.

Configure the screens by clicking the Browse button next to these fields:

List Screen

Controls the screen that determines the columns and sorting on this tab.

Search Screen

Controls the screen that appears for searching for admin roles to add.

Copy Search Screen

Controls the search screen that appears when the user wants to copy roles used by another user.