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Configure Roles Self Manager Tab

Configure this tab for tasks that allow users to assigns tasks to themselves.


A name you assign to the tab.


An identifier for the tab that is unique within the task. It must start with a letter or underscore and contain, letters, numbers, or underscores only. The tag is mainly used for setting data values through XML documents or HTTP parameters.

Hide Tab

Prevents the tab from being visible in the task. This option is useful for applications that need to hide the tab, but still have access to attributes on the tab.

Show only Admin Roles Meeting the Following Rules

Specifies the criteria that CA IdentityMinder will use to determine which roles to allow users to assign to themselves.

To add additional rules, click the plus (+) icon.

User to be used as Admin Role Administrator

Specifies the administrator for roles that users can assign to themselves.

The roles that users can assign to themselves must have the user you select in this field as an administrator and meet the criteria you specified in the Show Only Admin Roles Meeting the Following Rules field.

List Screen

Specifies the columns and format for the list of roles that a user can select to self-assign a role.