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Configure Provisioning Roles

Configure this tab to determine which options appear for viewing, modifying, or adding provisioning roles in tasks that manage users.


A name you assign to the tab.


An identifier that is unique within the task. It can contain ASCII characters (a-z, A-Z), numbers (0-9), or underscore characters, beginning with a letter or underscore. The tag is used for setting data values through XML documents or HTTP parameters.

The check boxes function as follows:

Hide Tab

Determines whether the tab appears in tasks that it is associated with.

Hide Members Column

Determines whether the Members column appears on the tab.

Hide Administrators Column

Determines whether the Administrators column appears on the tab.

Manage options

Control whether the tab allows the user to manage group members or administrators or both.

Configure the screens search screens for this tab by clicking Browse next to these fields:

List Screen

Controls the screen that determines the columns and sorting on this tab.

Search Screen

Controls the screen that appears for searching for provisioning roles to add.

Copy Search Screen

Controls the search screen that appears when the user wants to copy provisioning roles used by another user.

When CA IdentityMinder integrates with CA RCM, and there is an active CA RCM connection, additional fields in the Smart Provisioning Analytics Settings section appear.

Use Global Settings

Specifies that this tab uses globally defined Smart Provisioning settings that apply to all tabs that support Smart Provisioning.

Note: Global Smart Provisioning settings are configured in the Configure RCM Connection task in the System menu. To see this task, you must have a role that allows you to manage RCM Connections, such as the System Manager role.

To specify different settings for this tab, select the Use Task-Level Settings option.

Use Task-Level Settings

Allows you to specify Smart Provisioning settings for this tab that differ from the global settings.

When you select Use Task-Level Settings, the following additional settings appear:

Display Suggest Provisioning Roles Button

Determines whether the Suggest Provisioning Roles button appears on the Provisioning Roles tab.

The Suggest Provisioning Roles button allows administrators to view the list of possible roles that they can assign to users.

CA RCM determines the list of roles based on criteria that you define when you configure Smart Provisioning globally or by task.

Analytics Suggest Search Screen

Defines the search screen used for the role suggest feature.

Display Advanced Suggestion Configuration for Results

Determines whether the Advanced Suggestion Configuration section appears on the results page of the role suggest feature, after a search is performed.

The Advanced Suggestion Configuration section allows administrators to enter new criteria for a suggested roles search. Administrators can select the type of criteria (Matched Rule and Matched Attributes).

Enable 'Matched Rules' Analytics by Default

Determines whether CA IdentityMinder suggests provisioning roles if the current user matches the rule that determines membership in a CA RCM role.

You can override this default setting during the search using the Advanced Suggestion configuration screen.

Enable 'Matched Attributes' Analytics by Default

Determines whether CA IdentityMinder suggests provisioning roles that other users who have similar profile attributes also have.

You can override this default setting during the search using the Advanced Suggestion configuration screen.

Display Weighted Score Column for 'Matched Attributes' Analytics

Determines the display of columns in the list of suggested provisioning roles. When this option is selected, CA IdentityMinder displays the Weighted Score column, which indicates the highest score the suggested provisioning role received across all the criteria in the search.

Weighted Score Threshold for 'Matched Attributes' Analytics

Defines a threshold for 'Matched Attributes' search results returned by the suggest role feature. For each suggested role, CA RCM returns a score from 1 to 100 percent depending on the level of attribute matching. Roles suggested with a score less than the threshold are not displayed.

Note: Some CA IdentityMinder attributes may be more important to you than others, therefore CA RCM allows you to customize the weight of any attribute in order to provide more useful analytics. For more information about setting attribute weights, see the CA RCM Configuration Guide.