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Use Select Box Data for Field Options

Configure fields in a task screen to use select box data as the source of selection for options fields.

To configure fields to use Select Box Data

  1. Modify a profile screen.
  2. Add or select a field on the profile screen and click the right arrow icon to display the field properties.
  3. Complete the properties for the field you added. Set Style to one of the following values:

    The Source of selection options field appears.

  4. Select one of the following options for the Source of selection options field.
    Select Box Data

    Specifies that the field is populated with select box data. If you select this option, the Edit for the Select Box Data for Options appears.

    A list of Root Elements for the imported select box data also appears.

    Click the Edit button to display a Select Box Data Options page that allows you to browse the imported select box data. Click an Element Name to view information about the child elements for that element. When the list of elements displayed represents the list of options to use for the profile field, click OK.

    When there are large lists of elements, the following two fields may be used to filter the list. These fields support a wildcard character (*). Click the Refresh button to filter the results.

    Child Name Filter

    Identifies the name of the element or child element in select box data.

    Child Type Filter

    Identifies the type of the element or child element in select box data XML file.

    For more information about element name and element types, see The Select Box Data XML File.

    Note: The values you can select from this field are populated from the select box data XML file you have imported into CA IdentityMinder.

    Depends on the value of another field

    Specifies that the field is populated based on the values selected in another field. If you have selected this option, see How to Create Dependent Fields Using Select Box Data.

    Select an existing field on the form Options source field.

  5. Select one of the values for Preserve non-options field.
  6. Complete the other necessary field properties and click Apply.
  7. Click OK to save the changes.

    The fields that you have configured will appear to the user on the profile tab of the selected admin task. The values for select-based controls that are configured to use select box data as source will be populated with the values from the Select Box Data XML file.