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Bulk Task Population Tab

The Population tab allows you to find objects for which the bulk task applies. You can define the population filter with the following fields:

Object Filter

Defines the object population using standard filters. The attributes available for the search are based on the object type selected on the profile tab of the bulk task.

Date Filter

Refines the population filter further using attributes that contain dates, such as a hire date attribute.

Date Format

Defines the date format that the date filter uses.


Displays a list of objects that meet the population filter criteria when the Preview button is clicked. This Preview button helps verify that the filter is configured correctly, but the population can change over time. Therefore this list should not be used to indicate objects that will be changed in the future.

Note: System filters put a higher priority on the OR operator than the AND operator. For example, "City equals NYC AND Department equals Sales OR Department equals Purchase" is treated as "(City equals NYC) AND (Department equals Sales OR Department equals Purchase)".