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Approve Task Tab

The task approval tab displays information about individual approval tasks in a work list.

The task details tab provides detailed information about all events within the task.

Identity Policy Violations

Displays a list of preventative identity policy violations, their status, and messages that describe the violation.

A preventative identity policy violation can have the following status:

Task Workflow Job View

Displays a list of Workflow jobs that are in process. Click on the pencil icon next to the process to view the progress of the job.

Approval Policy Description

A non-mandatory, non-searchable string description attribute has been added to the Approval policy managed object and will appear on resulting work items. Default is 255 characters.

Initiated Tasks

A list of all tasks were created as part of initiating this task

Included Events

A list of all events included the task

Prerequisite Tasks

Tasks to be completed before this task can begin executing

Subsequent Tasks

Tasks to be executed after this task has completed

Task History

A sequential list of actions performed on the task

Included Events

The following default action buttons appear on the task-level work item screen:


Approve the work item.


Reject approval of the work item.


Reserve or release the work item.

Reserving a work item holds it for the user performing the reservation, and removes it from the work list of other participants. Releasing a work item makes it available again to other participants.


Close the work item screen without taking action.

Note: For more information, see the workflow chapter of the Administration Guide.

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