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Approval Policy Tab

This tab lets you select and configure a workflow process for each event that the task initiates. This tab contains the following fields:

Approval Rule

Define an approval rule for the object of this event

Select an Object

The following are the objects for an admin task:

Rule Evaluation

Define how a rule is evaluated for the event.

Policy Order

An integer value. A rule with a lower integer value has a higher priority, and is evaluated before a rule with a higher integer value. The priority for each rule determines the following:

Policy Description

Non-mandatory, non-searchable string description attribute.

Maximum number of characters supported: 255 characters

You can enter bundle/key information in the following format for the description:

$ (bundle=<fully qualified resource bundles name> : key=<key>)

Note: If the Approval Policy Description exceeds 255 characters, an error message is displayed.

Workflow Process

Select and configure the workflow process that executes if the rule evaluates to true.

Note: The Workflow Process list includes processes for use with both the template method and the WorkPoint method:

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