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Admin Task Members

This resolver assigns the work item to all members of all admin roles associated with the admin tasks specified in the admin task list.

Scoping is not enforced. Any task may be added to or removed from the list by anyone who has access to the workflow configuration screen.

Evaluation of who the role members are and what roles are present on the tasks is performed at the time the work item is created, not at the time the participant resolver is specified.

This resolver has the following validation rules:

To configure an admin task members resolver

  1. On the User Console workflow configuration screen, select Admin Task Members from the Participant Resolver list.

    The workflow configuration screen changes according to the participant resolver selection.

  2. Click Add Admin Task to add a task to the list.

    A select task screen appears.

  3. Search for and select one or more tasks.

    The tasks are added to the task list.

  4. Click OK to save the participant resolver configuration.

    The admin task profile tab reappears.

  5. Click Submit to save your admin task workflow changes.