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Admin Task Processing

The time it takes to process a task depends on the steps involved. When a task is submitted for processing, CA IdentityMinder performs the following steps:

  1. CA IdentityMinder validates the data being submitted.

    This is called the synchronous phase.

  2. If the task requires approval, CA IdentityMinder sends the task to the workflow engine.
    1. The workflow engine determines approvers, and places the approval task in the approvers’ work lists.
    2. Optionally, CA IdentityMinder sends email notifying approvers of the pending work item.
    3. An approver reserves the work item (which removes the item from the work lists of other approvers), and approves or rejects the item.
    4. Optionally, CA IdentityMinder sends email notifying involved users of the task’s status.

    This is called the asynchronous phase.

  3. CA IdentityMinder carries out the task, if the task was not rejected.

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