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Admin Roles and the CA IdentityMinder User Console

A CA IdentityMinder environment is viewed through the User Console. Your assigned admin roles determine what you see in that console as shown in the following table:

Assigned Roles

Format of the User Console

System Manager role

The category list for all objects and all default admin tasks for managing those objects

Roles for managing more than one type of object

The category list with one item for each type of object you can manage

Roles for managing one type of object, such as Users

The tasks for that object (such as Modify User) without a category list

An approval role

The Work list screen

Appears if the administrator has tasks pending approval (for example, self-registering users need approval)

If you can manage more than one object, the category list appears and shows the objects that you can modify, such as Users and Groups as tabs across the top of the screen. Select a tab to see tasks in your assigned roles.

Note: If your internet browser does not support Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), the User Console uses a different format. To control that format, see the Configuration Guide.