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Add the Schedule Tab to an Admin Task

CA IdentityMinder lets you schedule your tasks for execution at a specific date and time. To schedule a task, you must add the Schedule tab to an admin task.

Note: You cannot add a Schedule tab to all the admin tasks in CA IdentityMinder. If the task cannot be scheduled, the schedule tab will not be available in the Modify Admin Task screen.

To add the Schedule tab to an admin task

  1. Click Roles and Tasks, Admin Tasks, Modify Admin Task.

    The Select Admin Task page appears.

  2. Select Name or Category in the where field, then enter the string you want to search on and click Search.

    CA IdentityMinder displays the admin tasks that satisfy the search criteria.

  3. Choose an admin task, and click Select.

    CA IdentityMinder displays the task details for the selected admin task.

  4. Click Tabs.

    The tabs that are configured for the selected admin task are displayed.

  5. Select Schedule from the Which tabs should appear in this task drop down, and click The icon shows the plus symbol..

    The Schedule tab is added to the list of tabs that will appear in the selected admin task.

  6. Click Submit.

    The Schedule tab is added to the selected admin task.