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Access Task Profile Tab

The Access Task Profile tab lets you define the profile of the access task.

Note: To use access tasks, CA IdentityMinder must integrate with CA SiteMinder. For more information, see the Configuration Guide.

This tab contains the following fields:


Defines the name of the task. For example, Generate Purchase Order.


Defines a unique tag for the task. It can contain ASCII characters (a-z, A-Z), numbers (0-9), or underscore characters, beginning with a letter or underscore.


Specifies an optional note about the purpose of the task.

Application ID

Defines an identifier for an application, such as the application name, associated with the task. It cannot contain any spaces or non-alphanumeric characters.

Note: We recommend that you make note of this ID as you will need it when you enable the role in CA SiteMinder.