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Manage Report Recurrence Schedules

CA IdentityMinder lets you view, modify, and delete your report recurrence schedules.

To view, modify, or delete a report recurrence schedule, go to Reports, Reporting Tasks, Manage Report Recurrence Schedules and click the task you want to execute.

Note: If you modify a report recurrence schedule, the Next Run Time field is not updated until the last scheduled report instance completes. For example, if you schedule a report to run Daily, the report recurrence schedule displays details on when the next instance will run, such as tomorrow at 10AM. If you now modify the report recurrence schedule from Daily to Monthly, the Report Server does not update Next Run Time immediately. The report recurrence schedule still shows that the next instance will run tomorrow at 10AM. Once this final daily report instance completes, Next Run Time is updated to reflect the new monthly schedule.